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Mountain Flying Course

Montana Air Adventures is located in Western Montana and specializes in flight training in one of the most diverse and beautiful locations on earth. Glacier National Park, the Bob Marshall Wilderness and the adjacent Rocky Mountains make available an extreme wilderness setting for flight training and becoming a skilled mountain/bush pilot.

Our Alaska/Montana Bush flying course consist of Tailwheel flight training along with off airport landings and takeoffs on river beds and gravel bars. The mountain flying course emphasis reading weather patterns along with high mountains winds and the best routes to fly to stay out of the turbulence. Also included in the course are presentations on emergency landings and flying techniques for surviving unscheduled landings.

If weather permits, ski flying is included in the bush course and a float rating can be added during the summer. We specialize in fast track flight and ground training that will provide a pilot with the required skills for back country flying and will qualify a pilot for an Alaskan bush flying type job.
You will learn the ins and out of flying in mountainous regions, as well as off airport techniques, all while exploring the added freedom of flying a 160 horsepower PA-18 Super Cub or a highly modified Cessna 185.

Included in all courses are presentations on surviving crash landings, in-depth mountain flying, emergency locator procedures and survival/medical gear.

Tailwheel Certification - One of the greatest and most challenging abilities in aviation is the art of flying the tail dragger. This type of aircraft training is hard to come by anymore. If you are already a certified pilot, Montana Air Adventures will provide the training and experience necessary to competently fly tailwheel aircraft. Statistically, due to the instability of tail draggers, pilots with tailwheel experience are more proficient and therefore, safer aviators. You will be using our Super Cub or Cessna 185 Mountain airplane. The cost will depend on the ability of the pilot. Six hours is average in the Cub with a 1 hour add-on in the Cessna 185.

Bush Flying Course -Using the Super Cub on balloon tires and skis (weather permitting) we teach techniques in Short Field/Soft Field landings along with off airport landings on gravel bars, country roads and unimproved landing areas. In the ski course you will be taught the techniques for landing in soft or deep snow, along with turning around and packing the runway in preparation for landing. If your thinking about Alaska bush flying or will be applying for that Alaska job, this course is a must. A tail wheel endorsement is required for this course.

Whichever course you choose, be it mountain flying, float plane, multi engine rating, tailwheel or Bush flying, Montana Air Adventures (A Division of Red Eagle Aviation, Inc) will provide the professional and adventurous training you expect. Our primary focus is safe and quality flight/ground training, and ensuring you have the required skills to safely operate and excel in multiple areas of aviation.

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