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Multi-Engine Training Course

Twin Engine Rating-Multi engine program adds multi-engine privileges to existing Private or Commercial Pilot Certificates. You will receive all necessary ground and flight instruction required by the Multi-Engine practical test standards. This 5 day course provides up to 10 hours of flight training along with ground instruction needed for the check ride. The Cessna 310 (the hot rod of light twins) will be your aircraft for the multi course.

  • Approximate cost: ~ $4,490.00 ($449.00 per hour/10 Hours). Instructor and Fuel included.

Whichever course you choose, be it mountain flying, float plane, multi engine rating, tailwheel or Bush flying, Montana Air Adventures (A Division of Red Eagle Aviation, Inc) will provide the professional and adventurous training you expect. Our primary focus is safe and quality flight/ground training, and ensuring you have the required skills to safely operate and excel in multiple areas of aviation.

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